Global Co Lab: Inspiring Youths to Imagine a Better World

Jun 5, 2023 3 min read
Global Co Lab: Inspiring Youths to Imagine a Better World

This article is a Spotlight ✨ – part of a series of interviews with innovative Hubs creators highlighting their work.

We asked Erdem Murat about how he worked with Hubs and Global Co Lab to help teens build their own 3d worlds and imagine brighter futures.

Tell us about your project, the people involved and some of the people you have worked with. How did you leverage Hubs to achieve your goals?

The Global Co Lab Network (Co Lab) empowers and engages teens around the world with a focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their amazing work is shared and published on numerous platforms, and virtual reality is one of them. The Co Lab has been involved in VR for a few years now, and Mozilla Hubs has been their go-to from day one. As the Virtual Reality Director, I collaborate with many at the Co Lab who have impressive work that they wanted to share in virtual reality. Hubs allows us to have an open platform where people can join whenever they want and view this work in VR. There is always new content so the room is always updated with something exciting!

Co Lab Teens Engage Mozilla Hubs on VR for Festival!

The Co Lab also entered the UN SDG Metaverse Competition with four teams total (one adult and three youth-led). Two of the teams were invited to present their work for this competition at the UN Science, Technology and Innovation Forum. As the VR Director, I instructed and mentored all three of the youth teams in developing their own VR worlds. The teams all developed something amazing in a field that they are all passionate about.