Open Source Tools for Creating in Mozilla Hubs

Jan 21, 2022 2 min read
a giant avatar waypoint in clouds surrounded by beanstalks
Spoke: a web-based scene builder for Mozilla Hubs

Looking to start creating spaces and avatars in Mozilla Hubs? Check out these free and open source creation tools.


Spoke is the simplest, web based way to build spaces for Mozilla Hubs. No external software or 3D modeling experience required to build your 3D scene and you can publish your work to Hubs with a few clicks. To get started, Spoke has a built in tutorial and documentation can be found here.


Widely popular, fully featured 2D/3D creation tool with a massive community and abundance of free, high quality learning resources. Link to Blender's website.

Hubs has a Blender specific add-on that allows you to export your creations to Hubs and make use of many hubs specific components such as object billboarding, environment settings, and UV-scrolling. You can download the latest release. of the Hubs Blender Exporter here and get a quick overview of a few of the components here.


Vartiste is an open source, web-based 3D art creation tool with a long list of features that includes Hubs specific pre-sets and components built in. You can create 2D and 3D art in VR or on desktop. You can even use your VR controllers in desktop mode. Developed by Zach Capalbo.

glTF Sample Viewer

glTF Sample Viewer is a handy tool from The Khronos Group for inspecting gltf/glb files. You can drag your files right into the browser and get stats like number of materials, draw calls, animations and triangles.

Kronos glTF Sample Viewer

Find anymore great open source tools? Let us know on Twitter or Discord.

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