Master Your Virtual Universe with Hubs Professional Plan

Jul 28, 2023 1 min read
Master Your Virtual Universe with Hubs Professional Plan

Launch your world with Hubs Professional plan, a hosted service provided by Mozilla Hubs that allows your team to host Hubs on your own domain, with your own customized Hubs!  Hubs has been an extensible, open-source platform for virtual worlds on the web for more than five years but setting up the infrastructure required has been a major pain point for many developing their own features and modifying Hubs to fit their project needs. With Professional plan, we enter a new era of ease and convenience in deploying your own branded versions of Hubs available in 33 countries for $79 per month. If you would like to try out the Hubs subscription service first, we have a free Starter plan that is available to all regions.


Professional plan gives you:

50 guest capacity

25GB of storage for your spaces and avatars

Custom domain for your own logos and branding

Ability to add custom color schemes

Ability to use custom code on your client and build your own features.

Ready to dive into what deploying your own clients and domains looks like with Professional Plan? Check out this documentation and see the tutorials below.

To get started with Pro, click here.

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