Welcome to Hubs Creator Labs!

Mar 30, 2022 1 min read
waving avatars in a 3d world being built from a wireframe

What makes Hubs special?

Perhaps it is our beloved duck mascot.

Or that it lets you connect with friends, no matter what device type they have.

We believe that what really makes Hubs shine is you–the Hubs community!

Today we’re launching Hubs Creator Labs to shine a light on the best our community has to offer. Hubs is built on our users’ boundless imagination, from delightful new avatars to interactive content built on top of our open source code. While our team works to build new features and fix bugs, we are humbled and inspired by our creator community– from people just getting started to experienced 3D artists and developers. We see you take our code and bring it to life.

This platform will also be a place where we can highlight tools and tutorials for building in Hubs, and showcase community content. We're still figuring out what this space will look like, but it will be a place where inspiration, creativity and knowledge can be shared.

We believe #TheMetaverse (however you define it) should be as open and personalizable as the web.

If you have ideas for tutorials, want to show off a space you’ve created, or are interested in being interviewed about your process, let us know on Discord or Twitter.

We’re excited to hear what you think!

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