Welcome Our Hubs Artist in Residence

Dec 13, 2022 1 min read
Welcome Our Hubs Artist in Residence

We would like to welcome the Mozilla Hubs community's first ever Hubs Artist in Residence cohort. The artists will be experimenting with the Mozilla Hubs Blender add-on and helping to push the limits of what's possible in Mozilla Hubs.

Welcoming our first cohort of Hubs Artist in Residence 🎉

Justin Palmer
We are so excited to have this group kick off the program for Hubs creating and sharing their wonderful art and insights with the Hubs discord community and helping improve Mozilla Hubs.

an artist duck holding a crayon and wearing a beret

We received hundreds of applications from amazing artists following the initial announcement and we hope we can create more cohorts to include as many artists as possible to grow with Mozilla Hubs in the future. If you missed getting into the program this time, look out for future announcements and apply again!

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